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One can provide assignments to students and also take submission of the assignments along with time stamps notifying the time of submission of every assignment.

Resources materials

Create or upload content using our system starting from slides to pdf versions of books to videos. The content uploaded is automatically saved in the account.


One can make their own grading policy and get automatic grades assigned to students according to the grade boundary.

Online quiz

With Edoozz,students can sit for a quiz anytime, anywhere. This is the quickest and most efficient form of student assessment that is available at the disposal of every Edoozz user.

Virtual paper assessment

Edoozz helps teachers to grade exams online. The teachers can mark the parts that require correction and also provide real-time feedback for the students about their exams with the help of Edoozz.


Edoozz is packed with tons of features. As we see some core features above, there are more like Course Design & Offer, Attendance, Notice, Routine, Question Bank, Dynamic Profile, etc.

How EDOOZZ makes your life easier ?

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Advantages for Instructors

As an educator you can assign work to your students by specifying the deadline for submission. Respective students can do the submissions through Edoozz and educators will get real time notifications. You can review assignments using our ECM tool and share all reviewed papers with respective students if you wish to.

EDOOZZ made it very convenient for educators to develop reading material with our tool, ECM (Edoozz Content Maker). As an educator , with ECM, you can develop your own learning materials and share with students. You can also share links of articles or pdf versions of books. Thus, there is no need for uploading resources after every semester, you can upload the resource once and give access to different sections in different semesters.

Grading has now become very simple. Begin by setting up your own grading policy and allocate respective percentages to attendance, quiz, assignment, mid-term, final term, etc. Once set, the policy will be visible to students. Then you just simply enter marks to different sections of assessment and EDOOZZ will automatically calculate students’ grades according to the policy you set. The grading outcome for all students will be visible to you and students will be able to see their respective marks and grades.

You can take attendance of your students and at the same time track their attendance to find out which students are regular and which students aren’t. Having a digital copy of attendance will give an incentive to your students to not miss classes.

Once any course is offered, you can develop a routine and share it among the students. With our platform you can create and customize your routine for your students. Your students will get real-time notifications. If you bring any sudden changes to your routine i.e timing or classroom. The schedule will not only give you a visual representation of the classes you will be taking on a particular day but also let the students be more organized and punctual for their classes.

Being an educator at EDOOZZ, you can offer multiple courses through our platform. You can manage courses section wise too, which means offering the same course in different sections.


Advantages for Students

EDOOZZ offers a very smart Mobile App for the students for free. Students can now follow up every matter related to their enrolled courses through EDOOZZ App. Every single new update by the teachers will give real time notifications to students.

Students will be able to see offered courses and will be able to enroll as per the policy set by the educators. Private course offerings will require codes to get enrolled. Public course offerings will have its own policy of enrollment set by the respective educators.

Forget printing assignments, now do it digitally. Every assignment assigned by the teachers, students will be able to submit through EDOOZZ platform. Students will be able to attach any format while submitting the assignments. And the best part is that students will be able to keep records of all submissions. And surely, follow up on submission timelines to different assignments is now so easy.

A great repository for students. No matter how many courses a student enrolls, he/she will have access to all learning materials in a very organised manner. They’ll remain with respective student’s library with an advanced search option.

EDOOZZ sends notifications that serves as a constant reminder to the students. We understand how important it is for students to keep track of assignments, quizzes and exams timeline.

With the automatic EDOOZZ grade calculator, students will not only receive their grades instantly, they can also calculate their grades by themselves given they have access to the grading policy uploaded by respective course teacher.

Pricing Plan

List of our pricing packages

  • Individual Faculty


  • 2 Courses
  • 50 Students/Course
  • Course Duration - 6 months
  • All Available Features
  • 200 MB Storage
  • Individual Faculty

  • 2 FREE courses
  • Plus 1 course
  • 50 Students/Course
  • Course Duration - 6 months
  • All Available Features
  • 100 MB/ Course
  • Data Backup for all courses
  • Education Institution

  • Unlimited no of Faculties
  • Unlimited no of Students
  • Unlimited no of Courses
  • All Available Features
  • 200 MB/ Faculty
  • Consolidated Report for Instituion Head
  • Report for Departmental Head
  • Customised Report Generation
  • Dedicated Support Personal
  • Own Storage at EDOOZZ Cloud
  • Cashless Fees Collection
  • Complete Payroll System

Qustion and Answer

Most common and important answer


EDOOZZ is an e-learning platform that aims to bridge the gap between students and their aim at achieving a higher education. It is a platform that caters to the convenience of teachers and students and provides them with quality education.

Yes. Any individual who has certification of being a master in the subject they want to teach are eligible to sign up as instructors.

Yes. Students will be provided E – Certificates upon completion of the courses.

No. EDOOZZ is completely free of cost for individual instructors. Instructors can offer as many courses as they want through their account without any cost involved. However, we do have a pricing policy for institutional use.

Yes. Instructors can offer as many courses as they want, free of cost.